Gower Coastal Path

The Oxwich Bay is one of many locations featured in the 38 mile Gower coastal path
Gower Coastal Path

Gower Coastal Path

The Oxwich Bay is one of many locations featured in the 38 mile Gower coastal path

The Welsh coastal path totals to an immense 870 miles long and passes many of the Welsh coastal towns. The Coastal path is sectioned into eight different parts, here at The Oxwich Bay, we’re lucky to be placed where the East and West of the Gower coastal path meet.

The Gower path

The Gower peninsula was the first area of Britain to be awarded the “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” status in 1956. The peninsula also holds the #1 position on Tripadvisor’s 101 things to do in Swansea, as well as a certificate of excellence.

The Gower coastal path totals to 38 miles long and is recommended to be divided over at least two days.

By walking the Coastal path you will pass Oxwich Bay and walk through our very own woodland which is owned and managed by us at The Oxwich Bay Hotel.

What is there to see on Gower path?

The Gower path includes nature reserves, Wildlife trust reserves, special scientific interest points and special areas of conservation.

A few recommended destinations include:

Worm’s Head, Rhossili: A tricky coastal island that is accessible during low tide. This spot has an incredible view with the bonus of some isolation. The devil’s Bridge is a naturally formed bridge under a section of the Worm’s head path. There is also a National trust centre in Rhossili.

Three cliffs Bay: This is the rocky structure that can be seen from our garden area. An easy-grade walk with some fantastic views and of course the beautiful beach that The Oxwich Bay overlooks. With an outstanding rating on Tripadvisor, this location is loved by many.

Caswell Bay: A lovely beach with small caves and rock pools to explore. A fairly easy walk from Three cliffs bay, this location rated #2 in Tripadvisor’s 101 things to do in Swansea (making it #1 within the Gower peninsula).


Some sections of the coastal walk cover rough terrain, steps, slopes and stiles. However, there are wheelchair accessible sections as well as Horse and bike friendly paths.

There are also a number of bus routes that cover many sections of the Gower coastal path.

  • Blue – Worm’s Head
  • Green – Three Cliffs Bay
  • Yellow: Caswell Bay
  • Circle: Swansea Bay
  • Star: Oxwich bay
  • Square: Whiteford Sands

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