Top 5 Adventures in Gower

Here we list the Top 5 adventures to be had here on the Gower Peninsula
Top 5 Adventures in Gower

Top 5 Adventures in Gower

Here we list the Top 5 adventures to be had here on the Gower Peninsula

Did you know that 2016 is the Year of Adventure in Wales?

We're a country full of exciting adventurous opportunity! From learning to surf on Gower’s award-winning beaches to exploring the rugged beauty of the land, stay with us at The Oxwich Bay and begin your adventure, with numerous activities right here on our door step.

Here are our top 5 to get that adrenalin kicking in!

1. Surfing

There is no disputing - the beaches of Gower and South Wales sport some of the best surf spots in the UK - Llangennith, Langland, Three Peaks and Rhosilli to name just a few. The Oxwich Bay Hotel is situated on the South Gower coast and our very own sandy beach is perfect for all levels of surfing, especially beginners. On a flat day, you might also like to try your hand at Paddleboarding, too!

2. Coasteering

The ultimate fun filled day out. Explore Gower from a different perspective with a blend of cave exploring, cliff jumping, tide riding and rock climbing, all on foot without the aid of ropes. Coasteering is becoming a hugely popular activity catering for all ages and abilities. Perfect for families, just as much as the adrenaline junkies out there!

3. Mountain Biking/Cycling

Wales is one of the top 10 mountain biking destinations in the world! Our mountains and 870 miles of continuous Coast Path is a huge draw for visitors. Gower offers plenty of rugged terrain to explore but if a gentle jaunt is more your thing, take a ride around the quieter roads on the North Gower cycle route - you’ll find panoramic views a plenty.

4. Sea Kayaking

Explore the beautiful coastline of Gower, sat comfortably, paddle in hand. Jump in a kayak at Oxwich Bay and there’s a chance you’ll spot a few dolphins, too! Other nearby spots worth experiencing on the water are Caswell Bay, Port Eynon and Mumbles.

5. Climbing/Abseiling

For those with a real sense of adventure try your hand at climbing or abseiling exploring the South Gower coast from a different perspective, whether you are a first time climber or the experienced participant, there is something for everyone!

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Following The Year of Adventure in 2016 will be The Year of Legends in 2017 and The Year of the Sea in 2018.

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